We are a cooperative of professionals, born in Imola in 2019. The four founding members have chosen to combine their professionalism using the cooperative form to give shape to the project of a solid company entity, intergenerational and innovative, that operated in the sectors of cultural heritage and digital humanities with an industrial attitude.

The social base, formed today by 7 members, boasts strong cultural, digital and organizational skills, gained in work and in highly educated courses such as the École Normale Supérieure and the École des Chartes in Paris, the school of archival science Archives of the State of Bologna, the European Institute of Design in Milan, the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and professional experience in local agencies and in the Alma Mater Foundation of the University of Bologna.


Since the birth of the cooperative we have invested in technological innovation and digital development: from printing to 3D modelling, to advanced web systems, solutions based on artificial intelligence.

A process of research as well as technical and technological innovation aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of the service along with products we offer to our customers.

Hibou adheres to Lega delle Cooperative (League of Cooperatives) and promotes the relationship, the help and the growth of the cooperative system.