Tyrannosaurus rex

3D printed model of Tyrannosaurus rex (Tyrannosaurus) lived about 65 million years ago and reconstructed following the most recent paleontological and paleoartistic research.

Name: Tyrannosaurus rex
Age: Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian, approximately 68 to 66 million years ago)
Origin: North America

Made by HibouCoop in collaboration with ZooSparkle.

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Further details

The Tyrannosaurus is such an iconic animal that it is often mythologized, losing its status as a normal animal to become a monster that populates the fantasies of young and old. Fortunately, also by virtue of this fame, since 1905, the year in which it was first described, science has given us a lot of information about its appearance and behaviour when it was alive. The model takes into account the latest considerations on the nature of facial tissues: the teeth are hidden by corneous lips to prevent them from drying out and therefore did not appear as visible as those of today's crocodiles. In the colored version, scratches left by the teeth of other tyrannosaurs are visible on the snout: we know that these animals attacked and bit the faces of other specimens of the same species, leaving deep marks. Experts have not yet clarified the reason for this behavior. It is possible that parasites also passed through the bite: a research published in 2009 described injuries on the jaws of some specimens of tyrannosaurus, finding their similarity with those caused today in modern birds by the protozoa of the genus Trichomonas. The tongue is short, a choice that follows the considerations of a 2018 study of the hyoid bone, the bone that also moves the tongue of dinosaurs. According to this study, predators, swallowing food without chewing had short and not very mobile tongues, unlike herbivorous dinosaurs, which chewed food finely and had a fair mobility of the tongue. We also know that the Tyrannosaurus' appearance varied a lot with age! In fact, the young were agile, light and with a less massive skull than the adults; so different that in the past they had been classified into another dinosaur species.

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Shipping in 7 days from order for the "print only" model and 10 days for the "hand painted" model.

Content of the package

Tyrannosaurus rex 3D printing, instruction manual and legal texts.


360mm (W) X 120mm (H) X 80mm (D)



Hand coloring material (painted version only)

Citadel acrylic paints

3D printing technology

FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication


PLA ECO, Bioplastic obtained from corn starch, resistant, non-toxic, neutral and bio compostable, quite rigid, resistant to UV light and does not change color over time.