Licurgo is a virtual assistant, artificial-intelligence-based machine learning, conceived, designed and optimized to shorten the distance between Italian municipalities and citizens: a public relations office accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere, able to inform citizens and put them in contact with the services of your municipality. Licurgo will allow citizens to chat with their municipality on multiple platforms, from Facebook to the institutional website, and have access to information and services.

How does it work?

Licurgo is based on state-of-the-heart NPL functionality (Natural Processing Language), which exploits the latest news in artificial neural networks. These networks, thanks to the integration with deep learning algorithms, allow the program to understand the natural language of the users who use it, and to provide correct and accurate answers. Behind a simple and accessible interface there is actually a careful study of how the municipal administration operates, and the ways in which citizens normally communicate with the Municipalities to request information and services.

What is it capable of?

Our chatbot is able to interpret the demands of citizens made via chat directly from their questions and then provide all the information they are looking for. It is also possible to implement it with more advanced functions to better satisfy user requests, such as directly producing the documentation requested by the citizen or forwarding his request or report to the competent office.

What are the benefits for the municipalities?

The municipal administrations, by activating the URP (Ufficio Relazioni con il pubblico – Public Relation Department) chatbot service, will provide an innovative digital service capable of offering citizens information quickly and accurately. From the point of view of workflows, in this way it could be possible to relieve part of the Public Relation Department from informing and answering the basic questions of citizens, to concentrate the activity on more important tasks. By activating the advanced functions of managing documents and modules, Licurgo can also become a support to the administrative activity, simplifying and automating many processes. Furthermore, considering the restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the adoption of this technological solution will allow access to information and services without the need to go to offices, with great advantages in terms of safety for citizens and workers.

What are the benefits for citizens?

Citizens, through the functions of Licurgo, will have a quick and precise assistant, available 24 hours a day and from anywhere, to answer their questions and requests they address to the municipal administration. All this by simply writing and asking questions in chat, on different platforms.